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Cannabis Elite SEO

We at VolantSEO are a hyper-focused marketing team. Hence we focus to improve your brand’s traffic and search rankings.

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Cannabis - Elite SEOServices

Top Cannabis SEO Services

We at VolantSEO are a hyper-focused marketing team. Hence we focus to improve your brand’s traffic and search rankings. Our team aims to convert potential customers into long-term loyal clients. We take your business to the next level using our top-notch Cannabis SEO services.

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We at VolantSEO work our way up through transparency and accountability. Hence, keep in touch with our team leads through regular reports. Also, attend alignment meetings for updates

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What is Cannabis SEO?

Cannabis SEO is a mix of high-quality content with good authority backlinks. You need to optimize the content on your website. Add niche-relevant and informative quality content with supportive backlinks. Then, your backlinking strategy will be aligned with the best practices of search engine giants like Google and Bing.

Our main goal is to optimize the search queries relevant to your business. We guarantee to crack open the potential of Cannabis SEO for your brand. Therefore, your website will get the needed attention at the search lobby. We aim to bring the attention of potential clients to your brand. Your website will get the required exposure to the interested customers through search engine results pages (SERPs).

Firstly, your visibility increases with better rankings for relevant niche-related keywords. This will help qualified visitors to locate your page frequently and organically online. It will eventually translate to improved customer engagement with your website. They will keep in touch with you for online orders, newsletter subscriptions, and product sales. Finally, there can be other interactions like form submissions, text messages, and phone calls, and other content downloads.

You can offer a query form on your website which will derive exclusive benefits. It will optimize your site to drive the traffic of qualified customers. Every company wants to be on its toes and they invest in Cannabis SEO Services. If you don’t step up, you will miss out on the traffic and conversions. Hence, you need to leverage the SEO strategies to rank better. Later boost the traffic, improve sales and profits. Finally, get better returns on investments.

Who needs us?


Initially, international or local cannabis buyers will explore the online market. Before even trying physical stores. Therefore, our team ensures your presence in the local directories. Finally, buyers can locate you easily anywhere.


eCommerce stores

We are humbled to serve national and global eCommerce stores. Our client list is proof of our accomplishments. We improve their brand’s reach through white-hat SEO techniques.


Local Dispensaries

Firstly, we promise to make your customers find you easily if you run a local dispensary. Share your NAP details with us and let us worry about the rest. Finally, we offer an excellent local SEO campaign to take your store to the next level.



Cannabis cultivators need to abide by the state laws. Hence you connect with potential customers only via an online channel. Leave the responsibility to us. Let us connect you with the right customers. Hence, they will remain loyal in the long-run.



There is a parallel demand in the seeds as the need for premium quality cannabis grows. Therefore, our SEO team helps you to reach the right seed buyers at the right time.



The value opportunities added by manufacturers are growing multiple-fold. Because the demand for cannabis is increasing. The push-in competition needs you to stay a step ahead always. Hence, our expert SEO team will help you with just that.


Why is SEO critical for the Cannabis business?

Firstly, you need to build a viable SEO presence for any Cannabis business. Because it depends on online sales and customer awareness to thrive. Secondly, consider the restrictions that are imposed on paid advertising for cannabis products. Because every company should evaluate an alternative strategy. Hence you can include Cannabis SEO as part of your marketing initiative. Since it is the best way to drive organic traffic to your brand’s website.

Competitors are struggling to stay on top of the search results. Because competition is growing like never before. It doesn’t matter whether the user searches on desktop or mobile. You need to rank better. Most of your competitors are not aware of Cannabis SEO at the moment. Hence we give you a competitive edge over your business rivals.

It is important to invest in a Cannabis SEO strategy. Else your competition will walk over you. You need an effective SEO strategy to deal with the following products:

  • Cannabis eCommerce
  • Local Weed Producers and Sellers
  • Branded Cannabis Products and Accessories
  • Wholesale Cannabis Products and Services
  • Cannabis Transporters or Resellers
  • Medical Dispensaries
  • Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries
  • Cannabis Product Variants – Wax, Dry Herbs, Oils

Choose VolantSEO for elite Cannabis SEO services

At VolantSEO we dream to offer the best professional Cannabis SEO services for our clients. We focus to deliver real-time results that are tangible to measure. Our proven strategies and tactics help to generate the right amount of traffic to boost your sales of cannabis and related products. We aim to increase your conversion rate. Therefore, skyrocket the revenue for your sales. You can trust us beyond sales and conversions. Because we build a strong customer base. Finally, we get you the best ROI through our campaigns. Your success is our goal.

FAQ's on Cannabis SEO services

How will SEO help my Cannabis Business?

Honestly, it is the perfect time for the cannabis business. Many states are legalizing Cannabis. Hence, it is getting crowded especially on the Internet. As a digital marketing agency, we notice the need for SEO and appropriate marketing strategies in the booming Cannabis industry. Therefore, using SEO is an important way to stand out from the crowd.

What is SEO? Will it optimize my Cannabis Website?

Search Engine Optimization increases the quantity and quality of a website's traffic. This happens by parallelly improving the search engine rankings of the website. SEO aims at achieving organic traffic. Hence it helps you to climb up the rank orders.

You need to capture the right keywords to draw your potential clients into your website. To optimize your cannabis website for the algorithms set by the search engine. Our team of professional experts helps you in finding the right set of keywords. Although, there is yet another way of improving the website’s reach. You can add blogs related to cannabis.

How to curate a marketing plan for a dispensary?

There are some tips for putting together a marketing plan for a dispensary. Cannabis SEO strategies include setting up a local SEO for your storefront. Firstly, local SEO is the best option for any dispensary to establish itself in the online market. Secondly, it is a great tactic for your website to be more visible on the local search results of Google. Thirdly, it is extremely helpful for brick and mortar stores. In conclusion, there is a great chance for your website to pop up on the front page. Hence you need to invest in a good Cannabis SEO strategy.

How to create a marketing plan for an online store?

There are many strategies for selling cannabis online. Firstly, these plans vary from the ones you need for a local dispensary. Finally, local SEO is pointless if you don’t own a physical shop.

Tips to curate an effective marketing plan to sell cannabis products online are:

  • Know Your Customers.
  • Try Social Media Marketing.
  • Use Email Marketing.
  • Choose Pay per Click (PPC) advertising.
  • Seek Influencers.

How does organic SEO work in digital marketing?

You must combine a bunch of SEO strategies and tactics to maintain your website’s ranking or get a new one. Target keywords, Internal linking, Multimedia such as videos, gifs, infographics, creative content creation, page load time optimization, and user-friendly sites are some of the strategies.

What is the difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

White Hat SEO, in simple terms, refers to the optimization techniques used to achieve the best search engine results, and the efforts made to increase the rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) ethically and organically.

Black Hat SEO refers to all the tricks and methodology used to manipulate the algorithm and seek illegal, unethical practices to bypass the search engine’s guidelines. When you try to outsmart the algorithm, there are chances you could face penalties and be taken off the radar. It is best advised to avoid Black Hat techniques and explore your Organic SEO options.

Are you looking for an awesomesauce Cannabis SEO strategy?

We at VolantSEO offer custom SEO packages at transparent prices – there are no hidden charges.